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Octopus salad, potatoes and Giarratana onion

recipe for 2 people



500 gr. Of octopus

2/3 potatoes of average size

1 jar of Giarratana onion filets

Minced parsley

Black pepper (enough)

Salt (enough)


Take a pan and parboil the octopus, for 20/40 minutes depending of the size of octopus.
Take another pan and parboil the potatoes with peel.
When the potatoes are cooked you have to peel them while when the octopus is cooked, you have to wait until it will be cold.
Cut the potatoes and the octopus in small pieces and put them in a great bowl.
Adding the Giarratana onion filets. Blend everything and add parsley, salt and black pepper.
Then put the octopus in the dishes!

Credits: Anna Cascino

Ps. Combine with a good white wine!