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Gnocchi with courgette cream, flowers and Giarratana  onion 

Recipe for 2 people 



250 gr  potato gnocchi  

4 courgettes with their flower

200 gr of fresh caciotta ( cheese) 

100 gr of parmesan

2 tablespoons of onion of Giarratana with spices 


pink salt

extra virgin olive oil



First of all, separate the courgettes from the flowers by letting them cook in abundant salted water for a few minutes.

Cut the courgettes into pieces and whisk with a hand blender, with parmesan and a little cooking water to form a cream.

Aside, brown the courgette flowers with oil, turmeric and salt about 1 min. on each side, turning them gently.

In the same water in which the courgettes were cooked, cook the gnocchi; in the meantime, melt the caciotta in a pan.

Dip the gnocchi once cooked in the courgette cream adding two tablespoons of Giarratana Aromatica Fagone Onion, gently serve by adding the melted caciotta and the sautéed courgette flowers.

Enjoy your meal.

credits: Anna Zottino