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Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers

Recipe for 2 people



10/12  Pumpkin Flowers

100 gr. Flour

140 ml. Cold water

125 gr. Mozzarella

Sicilian onion of Giarratana



Sunflower oil



To make the stuffed pumpkin flowers, first of all, clean them by removing the stem, any lateral growths and very gently the pistil. Dab with paper towel. Cut the mozzarella into little cubes and let it drain.

We prepare the batter by working with the whisk the sifted flour adding water little by little, salt and pepper; we will get a smooth lump-free batter. Bring the sunflower oil to a boil and in the meantime fill the flowers with three cubes of mozzarella and Sicilian onion of Giarratana.

When the oil reach the right temperature, we bathe the flowers in the batter and immediately immerse them in the oil. Let them brown making them turn with a tongs.

When the flower is completely golden , remove it from the boiling oil with a skimmer placing it on absorbent paper.

Remember to fry a few flowers at a time, otherwise the oil temperature will drop too low.

When all the flowers are fried , sprinkle with salt and the dish is ready.

Credits: In cucina con amore e fantasia