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The origins

Our History

It all started in the '80s, when Salvatore Noto was 16, a determined and enterprising boy. He began to get passionate about the cultivation of an extraordinary vegetable: the onion of Giarratana. After some years of scarifies and hard work, he managed to buy a pickup truck by which he started to sell the onion of Giarratana and get it known in nearby places. Time by time the Onion of Giarratana started to become required in the market, for that in 2006 Salvatore decided to make up a start up with the aim of transforming the Onion of Giarratana in preserves. Salvatore realized the first line of preservers and passing on the same passion to their children. From there, thanks to the experience of the father and the creativity of the children, the company started to grow and spread its products throughout the country.


High quality even in little details

The evolution of the company

Nowadays, we of Fagone company are committed to checking carefully every single step of production to ensure healthy and genuine products. The cultivation methods, processing processes and packaging phases are subject to a strict system of controls, respecting the environment and using high quality materials to satisfy our customers. The Onion of Giarratana and the processed products now enjoy the certification ``Slow Food Presidium``, that is, Slow Food communities that work every day to save from extinction native breeds, varieties of vegetables and fruits, traditional cheeses or cured meats and are committed to hand down production techniques and crafts; they take care of the environment. They enhance landscapes, territories, cultures.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil


For some years Fagone has started the production of extra virgin olive oil, gained by an accurate selection of typical varieties of olives of the Ibleo territory: Tonda Iblea and Nocellara. The olive trees of the company are located in Giarratana. CENTRO is the name of our extra virgin olive oil, we have three variants of oil, Tonda Iblea DOP, Nocellara and Double in different sizes 3L, 1L, 0,5L 0,25L 0,1L


a step ahead

Fagone yesterday and today


A big family

Our team

Ours is a family-run company, made up of people, values, but above all respect for nature and its products.<br />

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