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What is it?

the our onion

The onion of Giarratana, which represents the Sicilian town, called also “pearl of Iblei”, is a particular variety of sweet onion, a single onion can reach the weight of 3 kg. It presents white-brownish bulbs. It is a Slow Food Presidia, and the entire production process is done manually. The sowing process takes place from the end of October. The transplantation process takes place in February-March and finally the harvest starts at the beginning of July and it ends in September. The company in this period ships its product throughout Europe, ensuring selected products of high quality. The protagonist of many recipes, The Onion of Giarratana is excellent to eat cooked in the oven, boiled, raw in salad, on pizza or as seasoning.

Shipments across Europe

A high quality onion


How it happens

the production process


Fagone’s company chooses accurately the most hansome onions during summer season to extract the seed coming from it.


Fagone’s company selects accurately the seed to let the onions growing up in a healthy and perfect way; the seeming will be made in October.


On February the little plants are collected in order to be selected one by one; then they work in them and the plants are ready to be transplanted.


Every single plant has to be transplanted manually and individually, in fruitful soils.


Plants reach their maturity after months, they have to be irrigated and they grow up to be collected during summer season.


In July, after months of working hard, Giarratana onion is ready to be collected manually.


After recollecting onions, they are put in their packaging and sent all over Europe.


After 3-5 working days, carriers will deliver your order in your hands.